Financial Independence 
Free Discovery Workshop
for Women
Do you have financial headaches? The kind that happen again and again? Like living from paycheck to paycheck? Constant borrowing - small or even large amounts? Are you sabotaging your future with unworkable financial habits? See how Sheetal made life work for herself in the video!
Invitation to a radical way to think about money
Uncover the hidden traps and habits in your own life that cause you to struggle with money
Identify missing mindset, practices and support structures to having an empowered relationship with money.
As seen in Femina and Entrepreneur Magazine
Discover surprising truths about why you don't have money - even if you have a fat salary
  • Develop habits that create lifelong financial security
  • Build a solid plan for important life goals: Emergency Funds, Children's Education, Holidays, Your House, Retirement - even that Big Fat Solitaire that you've always wanted!
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Saket, New Delhi
WOW Money Gym - We Help Women Create Wealth!
Priyanka Bhatia // Co Founder, WOW Money Gym, Women On Wealth
I love getting to know my clients, helping them to discover their financial goals and guiding them through my tools and structures to put them firmly on the path to achieve their aspirations. 
My Money Fitness Mantra: "You're never powerful in life till you're powerful with money. And we want you to Thrive!" 
"You've changed my life forever. Can't thank you enough! ”  - Home maker, participant
"Great insights. Eyeopener!”  - Educationist, participant
"Every interaction with Priyanka is like a friend who understands your needs, issues, and all the drama in life around money - and still encourages you to achieve your financial goals” ~ Senior software engineer, entrepreneur, participant.
"This programme came to me as a blessing."   - Home maker, entrepreneur, participant
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