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Free Financial Success Model
This free session is designed for women from all walks of life. It acknowledges that we women face unique challenges. Participants begin their journey to financial sufficieny and independence right from this free session.
Prema - Entrepreneur, Home Maker
Financial independence
"Money never stayed with me for more than 10 days, even though we earned very well. Now, I have put together a 6 month security fund, plan for our future needs - no more living pay check to pay check! My husband calls me the Finance Minister!"
Harpreet - Home Baker, Home Maker
Financial Sufficiency
"I learned and followed practices that gave me clarity on money. I finally learned to take complete control of money which comes in my hand. I'm managing it well now. I'm able to allocate my money well, too."
Sulekha - Home Maker 
Changed My Life
"You've changed my life forever. Can't thank you enough! ”
Shaira - Presenter, MC and Access Bar Trainer
Hallelujah Moments
"I had so many revelations about money and my relationship with money - joining the program has helped me. It's specially for us women who don't have a sense of where our finances are coming from, where it's going... tend to spend a lot on shopping, eating out. Now, I'm focused on clearing my debt. Do attend the Wealth Creation session - that's where you'll have hallelujah moments!
Shubhra - Senior Software Engineer,  Mom
"Every interaction with the program leader is like a friend who understands your needs, issues, and all the drama in life around money - and still encourages you to achieve your financial goals”

Ready to make dramatic changes to your money life? 4000+ women 

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Sheetal - Corporate Trainer, Marathoner, Traveler
Altered Financial Destiny
"No matter what I did, I ended up living from paycheck to paycheck and in debt! Today, I'm free of debt, hav comfortable savings, am investing, and am doing what I always wanted to do - travelling to places like Thailand, Japan, and Singapore, all on own money!"
Featured Twice in Femina Magazine and interviewed by BBC News India.
Featured in Sheroes, Femina Magazine, BBC India,  India Partner with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, & more
Money Issues? Living from pay check to paycheck? Do you work hard and make a lot of money, but don't know where the money goes? 
Schools and universities teach us a lot about many important subjects. Yet, when it comes to saving, creating and managing money, no one offers a hands on course.
Until now, that is - 
In the WOW Money Gym program,  women reach their financial goals - even some that looked impossible to reach! They create wealth, experience freedom - and, peace of mind. So can you! 
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