Used Dock Boards
Copperloy Used Dock Boards

Copperloy’s used dock boards can solve even the most difficult dock challenges. Our dock boards can work with pre-existing equipment or spaces. They are also are high strength, durable and portable, offering some of the highest capacities in the industry.

We offer a variety of options from aluminum to all-steel boards.

  • Steel with welded curbs
  • Aluminum with welded curbs
  • Aluminum with bolt-on steel curbs

Copperloy has a large used dock board inventory, so we can offer you a low-cost alternative to solve any difficulties with your application. Visit our website to learn more:

Knowing the Difference Between a Dock Board and a Dock Plate

We are often receive questions about differences between dock boards and dock plates. The most significant difference between the two is work capacity. Dock boards are geared towards forklifts while dock plates are designed for pallet jacks and hand trucks. 
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