It's tough to facilitate social change by yourself. Of course, you might figure it out on your own through trial and error, and that can be a great learning experience; however, it’s also often time consuming and costly. But with addressing social problems effectively, sometimes there are no second chances if you make a wrong move. You can too easily erode trust with key stakeholders. This eroded trust can be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to restore.
The secret sauce of facilitating social change is building a culture of belonging and trust. This involves both inner and outer work.
The most important instrument for social change is you. If you want to strengthen your skills and learn new approaches to inspire and facilitate sustainable social change, this is your chance to tap into the unparalleled experience and guidance of Jessie Sutherland, creator of the award-winning Belonging Matters framework.
Connect with Jessie Sutherland to discuss your needs as a leader and customized strategies to meet the social change needs of your community or organization.
Schedule a strategy call with Jessie Sutherland and get a clear path to your next best actions for facilitating social change within your team, your organization and community.
Have the space to take action, then come back and chat with Jessie Sutherland for more strategy, tools and feedback.
Have Jessie Sutherland take a “deep dive” with you and your social change efforts to support you with strategy, skills and more. 
Receive everything included in the Power Hour package PLUS...
Attend two additional 60-minute strategy calls with Jessie Sutherland and deepen your capacity for facilitating change within yourself, your team and / or your community.
These calls can be scheduled as needed any time within one year.
Receive everything included in the Power Hour 3-Pack package PLUS...
You'll receive three additional 60-minute calls with Jessie. 

Receive follow-up support and nudges when you need them. 

At this mentoring level, you can invite your colleagues and team members to the calls.
Receive our 3 Steps to Build a Culture of Belonging training video and learning guide teaching you the fundamentals of our Belonging Matters model so that you come to the call prepared.
Attend a 60-minute online strategy call with Jessie Sutherland where you can "pick her brain" on any subject related to engaging diversity, building a culture of belonging, and facilitating social change (on any topic!). You are accessing more than 30 years of experience!
Download a recording of the call so you can review any time.
Move forward confidently with suggested resources and action steps you'll receive by email following the call.
Community of Practice 60-minute monthly group call: 3 months
(Value: $117)
Essential Worldview Skills for a Rapidly Changing World 3-part online program 
(Value: $97)
Community of Practice 60-minute monthly group call: 3 months (Value: $117)
(payment plan available)
Community of Practice 60-minute monthly group call: 1 month
(Value: $47)
(payment plan available)
(payment plan available)

Community of Practice Calls

Essential Worldview Skills For a Rapidly Changing World
You'll have the opportunity to join the monthly Community of Practice group calls to connect with others who have taken our courses to learn from and with each other. It’s a place you can ask questions, as well as share success stories and challenges.
On each 60-minute group call, you’ll gain:
  • Jessie's expert input, inspired by 30 years experience and drawing on her proven process and the award-winning Belonging Matters framework and model.
  • Deepening of your intercultural leadership and skills for facilitating transformational change so you can avoid the pitfalls that may come with facilitating change.
  • Opportunities to ask questions that can help you personalize your learning for your leadership and community context.
  • Sharing opportunities to discuss your successes and challenges.
  • Potential networking benefits of connecting with other leaders and change-makers on the call.
  • Increased clarity on where to focus your efforts in facilitating change.
The calls will generally be the last Friday of every month at 1:00 pm Pacific (US/Canada) unless the call lands on a holiday or if Jessie has a prior engagement and needs to reschedule.
Join an international cohort of leaders and learners in Jessie's 3-part online training: Essential Worldview Skills For A Rapidly Changing World
Access the essential building blocks of understanding worldviews and how to engage them to create change. The video trainings feature exceptional guest speakers who share their powerful stories and case studies for you to learn, integrate and apply practical skills to increase your impact in your social change efforts. 
You’ll learn what Jessie considers to be the three must-have worldview skills in building a culture of belonging and together, building a sustainable, just and interconnected world.
1.    Skills for Engaging Worldviews Effectively 
2.    Skills for When Worldviews Collide 
3.    Skills for Regenerating Worldviews 
Deepen your understanding of what a worldview is, why it matters, and how the understanding and skills you’ll gain will support long-term transformative change in individuals, organizations, and communities.

 About Jessie Sutherland, MA
An international speaker, trainer, author, and consultant, Jessie Sutherland works with organizations and communities to engage diversity, foster intercultural collaboration, and develop resident-led community change approaches that effectively address a wide range of complex social problems.
Jessie holds an M.A. in Dispute Resolution, is the founder of Intercultural Strategies, and is the innovator of the award-winning Belonging Matters framework.
Reaching over 2.5 million people around the world in just one of many projects, her work has been delivered in over 8 languages and taken Jessie across Canada and around the globe to support communities in their efforts to address challenging issues.
Jessie Sutherland is a visionary.
Jessie skilfully brought together diverse parts of our community...
We love Belonging Matters.
“We love Belonging Matters. Anyone who wants to do a piece of creative community development, around any issue, should talk to Jessie. The relationships built in this way are sustainable relationships.”
~ Karen Larcombe
South Vancouver Neighbourhood House
“Jessie Sutherland is a visionary. Her work draws upon decades of international work for peace and justice. She presents profound and transformative insights in a simple, digestible format. Those who attend her presentations leave feeling empowered and equipped with practical tools that they can use to become instruments of transformation in their own communities.”
~ Anne Nguyen, MD
“Jessie skilfully brought together diverse parts of our community to guide us through education and problem solving about how to tackle the opioid crisis in Richmond. She was well prepared, engaging, and inspired us to work together.”
~ Dianne Milsom
Board President of Richmond Addiction Services Society
...a true understanding of reconciliation and conflict transformation.
It is poetry for peacemakers...
Jessie Sutherland's approach is one of the best I know of.
"Jessie Sutherland presents a balanced and harmonized approach to bringing about reconciliation. All four aspects of the individual (mind, heart, body and spirit) are delicately and profoundly brought together. It is poetry for peacemakers, a rhythm of inner growth and direct action in this world."
~ Len Sawatsky
“Jessie Sutherland's approach is one of the best I know of. Her work builds that sense of belonging and inclusion for everyone, laying the foundational building blocks for reconciliation on the political and economic levels.”
~ Hereditary Chief Robert Joseph
Gwa wa Enuk First Nations, Reconciliation Ambassador
“Engaging and energetic, Jessie Sutherland personalizes global challenges through enabling a true understanding of reconciliation and conflict transformation. I left her workshop with a greater understanding of how to bring about successful reconciliations at both the personal and political levels. Jessie’s uncanny talent for teasing out self-realizations will undoubtedly transform your approach to resolving conflicts.”
~ Nabila Alibhai