Illegal Disposal Sites in Saskatchewan and Health Issues
Opportunity Details
Position type: Patient Partner
Number of positions available: 1
Organization: University of Regina
Role overview: We are seeking a person who has lived in the vicinity of the disposal sites, landfills. Their experiences will be used to identify the likely adverse effects in the neighborhood of illegal dumpsites. Responsibilities would be highlighting the impacts that they are suffered from, sharing potemtial solutions that they think are practical in constructing a better livable environment, and talking about their needs in coping with the problem in short term period
Knowledge, experience, skills required: Lived experience in the neighborhood of illegal disposal sites, landfills, and generally any kind of waste facility. If you think that you have a related experience that is associated with waste disposal sites, please feel free to contact me. Everything related would be of great importance for the research group. We will be more than happy to have you share your experience with us.
Time commitment: One hour meetings once per month, for a period of 3 to 5 months.
Location: Meetings will take place virtually, recruiting Patient Partners who reside in Saskatchewan. Meetings may take place in-person if pandemic restrictions are lifted.
What you can expect from staff: All transportation, accommodation needs will be provided for in-person meetings. Honoraria will be paid based on the total hours that are spent on the project. Remote communication facilities will be provided for online meetings.
Supports available to participate: Honoraria and Expense Reimbursement
If any extra materials will be needed In order to facilitate the research, it will be provided for the patient.
Submission of interest deadline: Ongoing, ASAP
Contact information
Contact name:  Nima Karimi
Email address:
Phone number:  306-450-9299
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