The number of data breaches has been
doubling each year for the past two years.

Do you know how to counter the main threats that target your data? Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about best practices for data protection.
It's part of a global trend, and is taking down entire countries' national health systems...but WHY are the bad guys winning? And what you can do now to assess and address your database security before a crippling attack.
Eclipsys and Oracle share their expertise on data security issues in the Canadian public sector.
  • What are the best practices to protect against internal and external attacks on IT infrastructures?
  • What solutions are available to enhance security and reduce risks for your organisation?
  • Apply the best prevention practices
  • Ensure your business continuity by limiting the scope of damage
  • Limit the financial and operational damage of prolonged service interruptions
  • Accelerate disaster recovery
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