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At TANQ Global, we believe in teaching through the excitement of story immersion.

Our diversified learning approach encourages discovery and inquisition, immersing learners in essential knowledge from nature and society. We aim to cultivate the seeds of curiosity in every learner, elevating their curiosity toward life and guiding them to continuous innovation.


With our visionary-driven approach, we strive to be the life creators of society, shaping a brighter future for all.

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Immersive experiences are designed with consideration for learners' feelings and the right learning activities at the right moment, aiming to attract learners intuitively.

Encounter moments are designed using three techniques: story-telling to evoke excitement, driving questions to spark curiosity, and immersive atmospheres to fully engage learners.


Activities enable learners to shape their own learning, fostering a learning environment where individuals are free to cultivate inquiries in their own styles and develop their own worldview through continuous nurturing of their understanding.

Our Satisfied Customers

In Their Own Words

  • “Everything that was taught in the lesson, my child cannot stop talking about it!”
  • “I felt that the time I spent there was important to me. I could see that you lowered the bar very low the first time. Seeing how the system makes you look forward to the next one was interesting. Thank you very much.”
  • “I liked that the lesson that appealed to my childlike curiosity and inquisitiveness. You captured my true nature. Thank you very much”
  • “I enjoyed it! It gave me the opportunity to learn by being asked questions, to know my own thoughts, and to know the thoughts of other participants. Thank you!”
  • “This was my first time attending, and I really enjoyed and was moved by all the things that I could relate to (things that became clear to me when you went in depth about them). I was very happy and impressed. I would like to hear more, so I had applied.”

In a world where traditional teaching methods may not always resonate with learners, TANQ Global is paving the way for a new approach to learning.

Join us on this journey toward lifelong learning and innovation.

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