Break Through
the Barriers of Conflict

Meet Emil Harker

Individual & Relational Therapist
Professional Conference Speaker
Conflict Management Trainer

Hello! I'm Emil Harker, based in Davis County, Utah. I've been a therapist for over 20 years, focusing on individual and relational therapy. In addition to working in a variety of mental health roles specialize in change dynamics and high-conflict situations, I share what I've learned in high conflict stakes conversations in the corporate world. I often speak at professional conferences, sharing my unique conflict management approach with HR Directors, Executives and team leaders.

Emil’s Approach


Personalized coaching to empower executives, enhancing their abilities to navigate challenging situations and cultivate respect, trust, and cooperation within their teams and beyond.

Training Workshops

Practical tools and powerful principles to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth, helping organizations embody their values and achieve their goals.

Keynote Presentation

Dynamic and engaging presentations and workshops that captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact and making your events truly unforgettable.

In The Words of Our Clients

Emil's principles and program "Confidence In Conflict" is a must have training program for any company no matter how large or small. He is able to take complex situations and simplify them in a way that seems like magic. Former Chief People Officer for Heinz and Vista Outdoors.

- Steve Clark, CHRO, Lear Int'l

Emil's training not only makes a huge difference in our bottom line he makes going to work for our employees something they look forward to. After Emil's training we have had immediate success in situations the workplace and in the home-life of our employees.

- Mark Kramer, CEO, SME-USA

Great leaders don't just desire company growth; they see it as their duty to change the world

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