Free Supplement Package Giveaway

Run a Supplement Package Giveaway to get new leads, shares & followers on social media

Free Supplement Package Giveaway

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The Supplement Package Giveaway Campaign is a potent way to build your email list, get more social shares & followers, and get new leads. People can enter to win a package of health supplements from you by entering their name and email in an entry form on the Giveaway Page. They can also earn extra entries by sharing and following you on social media, and referring their friends to enter the giveaway. This makes your giveaway grow exponentially, as each entrant is incentivized to share and refer their friends, bringing more people to your giveaway.

By offering your health supplements as your giveaway prize, you’ll attract targeted leads who are interested in fitness and the health supplements you offer. And your Giveaway Page acts as a pre-qualifying sales page: People are introduced to you, your fitness centre and your health supplements, and then say “Yes, I want this!” by entering the giveaway. You’ll then be able to follow-up with them after the giveaway ends to turn them into customers.


The Supplement Package Giveaway Campaign has 3 steps:
fitness supplement giveaway facebook ad
Step 1: Facebook Ad

Advertise to people on Facebook who are interested in fitness training in your local area to drive them to your Giveaway Page.

fitness supplement giveaway page
Step 2: Giveaway Page

On the Giveaway Page, people can enter the giveaway by filling out the entry form. They can And they can share / follow you on social media to get bonus entries.

fitness supplement giveaway thank you page
Step 3: Thank You Page

The Thank You Page confirms that people have entered and displays the share, follow and refer-a-friend buttons to entice people to get bonus entries.

Step 1: Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads allow you to target people who are interested in fitness training in your local area to drive them to your Giveaway Page.

Below is a pre-built Facebook Ad and Target Audience that we use for one of our fitness clients.

  • 1. Ad

    fitness giveaway facebook ad


    Start with a short, exciting sentence to pull people in. Then show a call-to-action to tell them to Enter now for the chance to WIN. Then show the aspects of the grand prize in a bullet list, with eye-catching emojis, so it’s easy for them to read. And finish by tell them that the contest ends soon to create a sense of urgency.


    Use an exciting, eye-catching image with a purple border. In our experience, this kind of image with a colorful border is what will stop people when they’re scrolling in the Facebook Newsfeed and read your Ad. And show a text headline in the image. This will get people reading your Ad right away.


    This headline format, WIN [PRIZE]!, does a great job of immediately drawing people in and exciting them. Having WIN in all-caps draws people’s attention to it. They’ll then see what the prize is that they can win, which gets them excited and keeps them reading all the way to the end – where the Call-to-Action is for them to click.

    Newsfeed Link Description

    Provide a sentence or two with some extra details on the prize.


    This is the button people click on the Ad to be taken to your Campaign.

    Facebook only gives you a few options for this. For Giveaway Campaigns like this one, Learn More performs best as none of the other options are applicable for it.

  • 2. Target audience

    Here’s the targeting we recommend:

    Interests/Behaviour Targeting

    Facebook’s Interest and Behavior targeting allow you to show your Ad to people who are interested in specific things and activities. Their system has become very sophisticated and is now able to target the right people incredibly accurately.

    We recommend using Facebook’s Fitness Interests:

    • Physical exercise
    • Physical fitness
    • Weight Loss

    Age, Gender, Language and Location Targeting

    Age, Gender, Location and Language targeting should reflect who your most common members are. If you generally serve people in their 20’s and 30’s, then you should target people in that age group. If you’re unsure which Location to target, we recommend targeting people within a 30-minute drive of your own location: This is a close enough distance for most people to be content with driving to you.

    Why are Facebook Ads effective for this Campaign?

    The reason they’re effective is because they’re shown to people who are interested in fitness training in your area. Facebook is great at knowing people’s interests based on their behavior, which is what makes their Ad targeting so effective.

    Google Adwords, on the other hand, don’t work well for giveaways. This is generally because people don’t search on Google for giveaways. And the ones who do search for giveaways are just people who are interested in winning something free, not specifically in fitness training.

Step 2: Giveaway Page

On the Giveaway Page, people enter the giveaway. It has two jobs:

  • 1. Make it easy for people to enter the giveaway:

    The giveaway entry form is at the top of the page so people can see it right away. And the title and subtitle explain what action people should take on the page: Enter to win a supplement pack from your fitness centre.

  • 2. Introduce your fitness centre:

    The page includes a section at the bottom to showcase your fitness centre. Here you can showcase the benefits and amenities that your fitness centre has to offer.

Giveaway Page Sections
fitness supplement giveaway landing page
fitness supplement giveaway landing page
1. Top Bar

Show your logo and a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency to get people to enter immediately.

2. Hero Section
  • Headline:

    Tell people what they should do and what the prize is.

  • Entry Form:

    Here, people can enter the giveaway by typing in their First Name and Email. It also provides ways to get more entries in the giveaway by sharing with friends.

3. Supplement Bundle

Highlight the supplements that are in the grand prize bundle. It’s best to include 3 – 6 of your most popular supplements and products. This will allow the prize to appeal to a wide variety of consumers who have different wants and needs. This will build entrant’s interest in your products and pre-qualify them to order after the giveaway ends.

4. About your Fitness Centre

Highlight the benefits and amenities of your fitness centre. Also include your location, phone number and hours of operation. This helps people see that you’re located near them, they can reach you by phone, and you’re a real, trustworthy business.

Step 3: Thank You Page

After people enter on the Giveaway Page, they’re taken to the Thank You Page. Here, you show entrants a thank you message to confirm they’ve entered, a message to let them know when the winner will be selected and provide the refer-a-friend link, share button and follow button so entrants can continue to get bonus entries in the giveaway.

Thank You Page Sections
fitness supplement giveaway thank you page
fitness supplement giveaway thank you page
Top Bar

Show your logo and a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency to get people to continue to get bonus entries.

Hero Section
  • Thank you message
  • Prize draw date
  • Bonus entry buttons

How to create this Campaign in Wishpond

The Supplement Package Giveaway Campaign is available for free on any plan in Wishpond. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Sign up for a Wishpond account.
  2. Select Fitness & Health as your Industry
  3. In the Campaigns Dashboard, click View More, then scroll down and click on Supplement Package Giveaway. This will take you to the Campaign Builder where you can edit the Giveaway Page and Thank You Page. They will look exactly the same as they do above, and you’ll be able to edit and style them however you like.
  4. Publish your Campaign to your website, or a URL.
  5. Create your Facebook Ad and set the Ad’s Destination URL to the Campaign URL.

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