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Chemical Science is the RSC’s flagship journal, publishing research of exceptional significance from across the chemical sciences. From launch our vision was to only publish articles of the highest quality and importance, while providing exceptional service to our authors.
In order to achieve this, we first introduced the Edge article, a new article type which allows authors to present a novel piece of scientific research in an exciting succinct format. Edge articles have no page restrictions and do not adhere to the one size fits all format for chemistry. With Edge articles, it truly is the science that dictates the length of the article.

Secondly, the Editor-in-Chief recruited 17 world-leading scientists as Associate Editors whose expertise covers the breadth of the chemical sciences. Their primary role is to act as gatekeepers of the science and ensure only the very best articles are considered and accepted after peer review. The Associate Editors also raise the visibility of the journal internationally providing a further stamp of approval which is vital in generating high quality submissions in the first instance.

The Associate Editors are supported by a group of highly talented professional editors who themselves have a broad range of experience and expertise both in publishing and the chemical sciences. As well as supporting the Associate Editors, the professional editors will make an initial assessment of all submissions received and decide whether a manuscript should be rejected without peer review or forwarded to an Associate Editor for consideration. With each submission, the professional editors followed by Associate Editors are required to ask themselves as series of challenging questions around the novelty, significance, impact and originality of the research article. This triple layer of peer review helps us achieve our goal of only publishing exceptional research.

Only 10% of Edge articles submitted meet the exceptionally high standards required to be accepted and published.

How do we know that accepted Edge articles, published in Chemical Science are great? Well post publication we monitor a number of metrics including citations and impact factor. Both are continuing to increase following the launch in 2010 and we now see the journal being ranked close to its competitors, which are steeped in history. Of most importance however are the growing submissions and profile of the journal. These metrics rely heavily on the quality of articles accepted and read by an ever expanding dedicated international chemical science community.

In summary, the robust, vigorous and critical nature of the triple layer of peer review has helped Chemical Science get to where it has in such a short time. The final product is an outstanding, community based journal which is continuing to flourish and grow with great accepted articles at its core.