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Augment is an Augmented Reality mobile application letting brands and manufacturers easily simulate their POP display & packaging designs in a real store.

Sales reps can share their life size simulation with the store manager, better negotiate a key placement at endcaps, and increase visibility for their products at the point of purchase.

Augment boosts sell-in and reduces the need for expensive physical samples, speeding up the design approval cycle between brand owners and design agencies.

How to get started:

DOWNLOAD the free Augment app on your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOs).

UPLOAD your 3D models of packaging & displays on Augment Manager. You don’t know what a 3D model is? Ask your design team or agency to create them and upload them for you.

SIMULATE your 3D models in a real store. Place the universal tracker on a shelf to simulate your 3D packaging. Or simulate your 3D display automatically on the ground with no tracker at all.

Learn more on augmentedev.com and start growing your business with Augment.

Co-founders: Jean-François Chianetta (CEO), Cyril Champier (CTO) and Mickaël Jordan (CMO).