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Urbasee is an invaluable work tool for architects, designers and building contractors, to help design, display and sell.

Thanks to augmented reality technology, Urbasee allows them to present their projects to their clients and partners in real time as they would look in the future environment though tablet and Smartphone.
“Urbasee Project” application displays a virtual 3D model of the project on top of a marker and “Urbasee Future” makes the model appear in 1:1 scale at its future location (based on GPS coordinates).

TRY IT ! >>>
Both Urbasee Applications can be downloaded at www.urbasee.com (or on IOS and Android app stores)
Access to preloaded Demo projects by clicking on "Demo".
To see your Urbasee Project, you will need to print this marker: http://www.urbasee.com/marqueur.php

AWE2014 BONUS >>>
A special Surprise for the AWE2014 visitors is waiting in front of the convention building : log in Urbasee Future app with the dedicate awe2014 account (available on our booth) and open Wide your eyes.