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When I created the Pandora’s Box, I based myself on the inner certainty that tomorrow our brain, helped by nanotechnology would be the graphic card which would generate images of the interfaces that surround us. It already perfectly fulfills this function in our dreams when we sleep! So, whether by this way or another, the screen is doomed to disappear! Yet, it is important to have unifying items that can be identified and that can be manipulated. And it is not because, today we do not have this “mental projection capacity” that we can not materialize its use. For now the Pandora’s Box works with cleverly hidden video projectors for the video mapping, the Kinects to calibrate the projections as well as to trigger the users’ scenarios, NFC to make inert objects communicate with various devices, and so on.
For the user it is almost transparent, he could almost have the feeling that he has super powers. But tomorrow, when everything is in place, by synchronizing all visible and invisible sensors, everyone will be able to benefit from these augmented capacities, as if they were innate abilities and I call this ecosystem:

The Egosystem