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One upon a time, there was an old french castle called Trevarez, seriously wounded during world war II, and waiting like Sleeping Beauty for a second life…

Reviving heritage and memories by mixing the past and the present is also the magic of Augmented Reality.
Artefacto has developed this marvelous application so that the castle’s visitors can travel through time and discover its passed splendors and visualize how it was like at its best days, get information about each room, and even virtually hang their own portrait on the walls !

Watch our video to live this experience.
Another option is to take some holidays in French Brittany to visit Trevarez Castle! The app is only available on site (GPS located AR). Please send an email to get private access to the app.

Artefacto’s skills demonstrated in this app are not only our ability to innovate with AR in museums and cultural spaces, but also our infographics talent, inherited from our prior activity in the architecture sector, highly demanding in terms of realism and content quality.