How Wishpond’s leads database can help your business

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All your leads in one place

Quickly see the status of all of your leads in a single dashboard. Get access to valuable insights like each contact’s web page views, email engagement, link clicks, and more.

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Create custom lists

Easily sort between different segments of your audience. That could include male and female shoppers, past customers, new leads, and others.

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Better customer experience

Automatically remove contacts from lists depending on their behavior to ensure that you’re sending the right content to the right contacts every single time.

See what your leads are doing in real-time

Wishpond’s visitor tracking allows you to see the pages your leads are visiting and the campaigns they’re converting on, giving you unique insights into their behavior. Use this information to better personalize your marketing and sales efforts.

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Easily segment your leads into lists

Automatically create detailed segments of leads based on specific properties and actions (like campaign conversions or location) or manually add leads to a segment to create lists for more personalized marketing. Monitor the growth and activity of your lists with Wishpond’s list analytics.

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Automatically personalize your marketing

Using Wishpond’s marketing automation, send personalized email marketing campaigns to your various lists to boost list engagement and maximize conversion. Or, automatically send internal emails to your sales team when your leads are ready to buy.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing With a Team of Professionals

Your marketing executive will work with you to ensure your campaign is a success. Get unparalleled support 24/7 with access to designers, ads specialists, content writers, and more.

Why Choose Wishpond?

  • We do all the heavy lifting
  • Spend less time learning how to use complex software platforms and more time growing your business.

  • You get state of the art technology
  • Get access to the latest marketing technology that allows you to see what contacts are up to in real time in order to turn more prospects into customers.

  • It works with what you already have
  • Wishpond has over 40 native integrations and connects with 1000+ other apps. Our team will help you get campaigns up on your website, email’s synced, and sales coming through in no time.

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