small business marketing

The Complete Guide to Small Business Marketing

by Tom Kotze

I started out as a traditional marketer. I worked with designers to create hard-copy brochures, attended boozy meet-and-greets, went to my fair share of pre-meetings to coordinate an upcoming meeting, even ran a Groupon deal.

Those were the days.

And then, five years ago, everything changed. I moved from the stone age to a startup in Vancouver – a business which recognized the strength of online marketing. And I’ve never looked back.

Above all else, online marketing enables your business to track your success. For me, that’s the most important part of it. How do you know if that sign on the bus stop drove customers? Can you be sure that the radio ad you ran actually drove a single person to your business?

Ultimately, though (and beyond the tracking) digital marketing works. It enables your business to show up in front of more prospective customers, more cheaply, more frequently and more easily. And once they’re on your website, the strategies of lead generation, nurturing and management increase your chance of turning a prospective customer into an actual one.

This resource is designed for small business owners and will focus on strategies to maximize your budget, how to market to a specific niche audience, and provide examples from businesses like yours who are finding success.

There are four main sections and 12 total articles: