Why Invest in Wishpond?


Fast Growing & Profitable

~30% compound annual growth for the past three years and EBITDA positive since fiscal 2019.

Technology Enabled

Proprietary technology providing advanced and intuitive marketing tools capitalizing on key industry trends.

Lean Structure

Lean structure allowing Wishpond to provide scalable marketing services at rates difficult to replicate by traditional marketing agencies.


Proven scalable sales engine delivering strong revenue visibility.

Diversified Customer Base

~3,000 paying customers with little economic dependence on major accounts.

Strong Management

Experienced management team with long tenure and proven track record in the marketing-software industry.


Wishpond offers several marketing tools integrated into a single platform, providing a cohesive customer experience for the price of a single subscription.

Significant Growth Ahead

Significant opportunities for continued growth including product and service expansion, geographic growth, and strategic acquisitions.

Predictable and Scalable Sales Engine

Proven sales engine delivers strong revenue visibility with a predictable LTV to CAC ratio of 3.51 to 1.

Key Differentiators

Wishpond’s primary differentiators over the competing platforms include:
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Cohesive Platform

All Wishpond tools work seamlessly together with no need for any additional integration. In many cases, the functionality of Wishpond’s tools is superior than competing platforms specializing on a single vertical.
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Service Component

While companies may be able to access competitors’ tools, very few companies offer the service of managing customer’s accounts to help them achieve success with them. Those who do are generally unable to offer rates that a traditional SMBs can afford.
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Cost Efficient

For the cost of a single subscription, Wishpond’s customers get access to all the different tools which they would otherwise have to purchase individually from specialized providers.

Financial Profile

Wishpond is cash-flow positive and expected to grow at over 70% in 2021. Wishpond has a subscription-based recurring revenue model that provides excellent revenue and cash flow visibility.

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revenue and gross profit

2020, 2021, 2022 estimates based on Beacon Securities, Eight Capital, and Paradigm Capital analyst projections

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Analyst Information

CompanyNameEmailLocationPhone Number
Beacon SecuritiesGabriel Leunggleung@beaconsecurities.caToronto(416) 507-3964
Paradigm CapitalDaniel Rosenbergdrosenberg@paradigmcap.comToronto(416) 553-2521
Eight CapitalChristian Sgrocsgro@viiicapital.comToronto(647) 253-1133

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