Easy Welcome Mat Builder

Wishpond’s Welcome Mat App makes it easy to convert website visitors into leads with a full-screen overlay.

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Convert new website visitors into Leads and Customers

Use a welcome mat to notify people of a promotion or build your list.

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Page-Level Targeting

Quickly and easily choose which pages or URLs your welcome mat appears on.

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Increase conversions with easy A/B testing

Create multiple variations of your welcome mat and test them against each other. We’ll run the test and give real-time reporting so you can quickly see which variation converts best.

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Key Features

Wishpond’s welcome mat tool is backed up by even more powerful features.

Lead-Generation Forms

Add fully-customizable forms with dropdown menus, checkboxes, file upload and custom fields.

Real-Time Analytics

See your welcome mat’s views, conversions and more in real-time. We update every minute.

Merge Tags

Personalize your forms with merge tags, based on what you already know about visitors (this works exactly like it does in your emails).

Social Share Buttons

Add share buttons to your welcome mat for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Built-in CAPTCHA

Include a CAPTCHA field in your form to secure your welcome mat’s form from spammers.

Custom CSS & Javascript

If you want to go the extra mile, use advanced CSS & Javascript to customize your welcome mat or add your own analytics tracking code.

Integrated with the tools you use to run your business.

With Wishpond, you have built-in integrations with 40+ analytics, sales, payment & collaboration apps.

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