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Request Information on a Property

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The Request Information on a Property Campaign is an effective way to get new clients. People give you their contact details in a sign up form to request more information on your property. You can then follow-up with them to discuss the property and turn them into clients.


The Request Information on a Property Campaign is made up of 3 steps:
Google ad
Step 1: Google Adwords Ad

Advertise to people when they search for apartments for sale in your area to drive them to your Request Info Page.

real estate request info on a property campaign
Step 2: Request Info Page

Here, people learn about your property and request to get more information about it by entering their contact details into the form.

real estate book a showing thank you page
Step 3: Thank You Page

The Thank You Page confirms that people have signed up to get more information, and that you’ll contact them soon to provide it for them.

Step 1: Google Adwords Ad

Google Adwords Ads make it easy for you to promote your apartment for sale to people when they search for them on Google.

This is a pre-built Google Adwords Ad for a new Vancouver condo development, but the best practices work well for condo developments in any city or region:

  • 1. Ad

    1New Vancouver Condos For Sale- Request Free Information 1-800-921-01673

    Spacious 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condos in Downtown Vancouver

    1. Headline

    In the first part of the Headline, show text that the person is likely to have entered in their Google search. This will make them feel like the Ad is personally relevant to them, and make it more likely that they’ll click. In the second part of the Headline, Request Free Information, show a call-to-action. This tells people exactly what they will get when they click on the Ad, making it more likely for them to do so.

    2. Display URL Path

    The best thing to have in the Display URL Path is the keyword that the person entered on Google. This will make it super relevant for them, as it uses the exact words they were thinking of. You can do this using Keyword Insertion. In the Google Adwords builder, enter {keyword:pre-sale} into the Display Path field. This will make the Display Path show the keyword that the person searched for, or show pre-sale if Google can’t display the keyword.

    3. Call Extension

    Use the Call Extension to add your phone number to your Ad. This way, people can call you directly by clicking the Ad, which is especially useful for people who see your Ad while using their mobile phone.

    4. Description

    Describe the apartments in the development in 1 or 2 short sentences.

  • 2. Keywords

    Top Keyword to Target:

    • +Vancouver +new Condo +for +sale

    This keyword targets people who are searching for new apartments for sale in Vancouver. It uses broad match modifiers for +new +for +sale +Vancouver to target people who are specifically searching for new apartments for sale in Vancouver. It uses broad match for Condo so that your ad will also show for words similar to condo like apartment.

    Note: This keyword is just a starting point. For best results you should experiment with it and try similar variations.

    Why are Google Adwords Ads effective for this Campaign?

    The reason they’re effective is because they’re shown to people at the moment they’re asking Google to show them new homes for sale in their area.This, of course, means that they’re interested in purchasing a home. So you’re able to show your Ad exclusively to an audience of people that are interested in your homes, which is the most effective way to advertise.

Step 2: Request Info Page

On the Request Info Page, people fill out a form to get more information on a property they’re interested in. The page has two jobs:

  • 1. Convince visitors to sign up:

    The page’s main job is to convince visitors to request information on the property you’re selling. It does this first by making it easy to sign up – by showing the sign up form right at the top of the page.

    The page is filled with several sections to convince them to sign up:

    • It shows people the best features of your property
    • It has a section that shows all of your property’s amenities
    • And it introduces people to the property developer to build trust in them
  • 2. Pre-qualify visitors to turn them into clients:

    The page highlights the property’s best features and amenities. And by saying “Yes, I want a more information” they’re pre-qualifying themselves to trust you and buy the property later on.

Request Info Page Sections
real estate book a showing landing page
real estate book a showing landing page
1. Top Bar

Show your real estate agency’s logo and phone number at the top so visitors can call you right from the page.

2.Hero Unit
  • Headline

    The headline tells people the main selling point of the property.

  • Subtext

    The subtext describes your property, providing it’s top selling points in 1-2 sentences.

  • Subheadline

    Tell people what to do: Sign up to request more information.


Highlight the top features of your property to get people interested enough to want to learn more. This shows them the property’s top features in a visual layout that makes it easy to see the ones they care about the most.

4. About The Property

Provide a short paragraph and bullet list that discusses all of the most important features of the property. This should answer all of a visitor’s most basic questions about the property. This way, they can see that it meets their requirements and they can sign up to get more in-depth details about it by signing up on the page.

5. Presentation Centre

Provide the location, phone number and hours of operation of your presentation centre. This way, people will see how and where they can reach you.

If you don’t have a presentation centre, you can put the location details of your real estate agency’s office. This will show them that you’re a real, legitimate company, which is always important to do on the internet.

6. Amenities

Highlight the top amenities of your property in an easy-to-scan bullet list. This makes it easy for visitors to find the amenities that are most important to them.

7. About The Developer

Displays the logo and a short bio of the developer. This allows you to showcase the experience and expertise of the developer. This helps to build trust and confidence in people.

Step 3: Thank You Page

After people sign up on the Request Info Page, they’re taken to the Thank You Page. There, provide them with a thank you message to confirm they’ve signed up successfully, and a message to tell them what will happen next.

Thank You Page Sections
real estate request info page thank you page
real estate request info page thank you page
Top Bar

Show your logo and phone number so people can call you right from the page if they have any questions about the property.

Thank you Message

Thank people for signing up and tell them what will happen next: One of your agents will contact them shortly to provide them with more information on the property.

Download Information Button (Optional)

If you have an info sheet on the property, you can show this button so people can click to download it. If you don’t have an info sheet, you can remove this button and just follow up with each person by phone or email.

How to create this Campaign in Wishpond

The Request Information on a Property Campaign is available for free on any plan in Wishpond. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Sign up for a Wishpond account.
  2. Select Real Estate as your Industry
  3. In the Campaigns Dashboard, click on Request Info on a Property.
    • This will take you to the Campaign Builder where you can edit the Request Info Page and Thank You Page. They will look just like they do above, and you’ll be able to customize and style them however you like.
  4. Publish your Campaign to your website or a URL.
  5. Create your Google Adwords Ad and set the Ad’s Destination URL to the Campaign URL.

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