Wishpond 2020 Results & 2021 Financial Outlook Video Interview

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On April 29th, Wishpond announced record revenue for 2020 and historic Q1 2021 revenue achievement. The 2020 financial results press release also included a positive outlook for 2021.

Why the 2020 Results and Q1 2021 Are a Great Reason to Invest in Wishpond:

  • Achieved record annual revenue of $7.9 million during fiscal 2020, compared to revenue of $6.1 million generated during fiscal 2019, an increase of 30%.
  • Wishpond’s Adjusted EBITDA increased an incredible 378% during fiscal 2020 compared to fiscal 2019.
  • Q4-2021 was a remarkable quarter with 38% year-over-year organic revenue growth compared to the same period last year.
  • The company has a positive outlook for 2021. Wishpond’s Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) already exceeded $1M in Q1-2021 for the first time in the company’s history.

Martin Gagel from Radius Research interviewed Ali Tajskandar, Wishpond Chairman and CEO about the record results. Watch the full two-part interview below. In the first video, “The Pitch”, Ali provides an overview of the company as he takes the audience through Wishpond’s investor presentation. In the second video titled “Deep Dive” Ali joins Martin through an engaging question and answer session explain the exciting growth potential for the company.

The Pitch

It has been a tremendous growth trajectory and keeps accelerating as we surpassed the 1 million dollar MRR mark in Q1.
– Ali Tajskandar, Chairman & CEO, Wishpond

Deep Dive

“Some of the ways analysts are currently valuing us is based on if Wishpond continues on at that 30% year-over-year growth organically, just with the two acquisitions we’ve already made, with no more acquisitions where Wishpond would be. So they’re not counting on us doubling our sales team or doing more acquisitions. So even though they say 70% growth and a $3.20 target, we have much more aggressive targets for ourselves.” – Ali Tajskandar, Chairman & CEO, Wishpond

For further investor information, please contact: Pardeep Sangha, Investor Relations, investor@wishpond.com, 604-572-6392.

About Wishpond Technologies Ltd.

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Wishpond is a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions. Wishpond’s vision is to become the leading provider of digital marketing solutions that empower entrepreneurs to achieve success online. The Company offers an “all-in-one” marketing suite that provides companies with marketing, promotion, lead generation, and sales conversion capabilities from one integrated platform. Wishpond replaces entire marketing functions in an easy-to-use product, for a fraction of the cost. Wishpond serves over 2,900 customers who are primarily small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) in a wide variety of industries. The Company has developed cutting-edge marketing technology solutions and continues to add new features and applications with great velocity. The Company employs a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model where substantially all the Company’s revenue is subscription-based recurring revenue which provides excellent revenue predictability and cash flow visibility. Wishpond is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker “WISH”. For further information, visit: www.wishpond.com.

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