Wishpond Appointments Launches Giving Merchants Better Growth Potential

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Vancouver’s Wishpond has launched Wishpond Appointments enabling businesses to provide their customers with automated online booking, all integrated and managed within Wishpond’s digital marketing platform.


The new product represents the first feature integration of EverGenius software into Wishpond’s platform which comes from the company’s acquisition of Invigo Media and continues the marketing suite’s flywheel momentum after it became a publicly-listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange in late 2020.


Wishpond customers can now add a calendar directly on their landing page or website to setup client appointments or consultations. Businesses can then connect these leads to Wishpond’s email and digital marketing tools to accelerate the growth of their business.


A customer going through the user journey of a Wishpond-powered marketing campaign could book an appointment, pay for services in advance of the meeting, and be upsold additional offerings during the same cycle all within a seamless customer experience centralized in Wishpond’s platform.


“Scheduling software will continue to be a vital part of both brick and mortar and online-based business for the foreseeable future,” said Jordan Gutierrez, Wishpond’s Chief Operating Officer.


“Leveraging the strength of EverGenius allows Wishpond Appointments to distinguish itself from other one-off calendar solutions as it comes with the power of our fully integrated marketing platform and services. This combination significantly alleviates the burden of acquiring and retaining clients for small businesses.”

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