The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation for Small Business

We’ve gone over how your small business can drive traffic to your website, with social media, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and SEO.

So what happens when they get there?

For some of you, the answer may be simple.

Maybe your website is simply a better version of Yellow Pages. You want people to see what you do, learn your address and give you a call or show up at your door.

Or maybe your website is focused on getting people to book a table at your restaurant, make an appointment to see a physical therapist, or schedule a plumber’s visit.

Or maybe your sales funnel is a bit more complicated. You need to educate prospective customers. You need to generate leads and nurture them into sales.

This chapter will break down the top three strategies for turning a website visitor (or social media Fan) into a contact or a lead.

  • Section 1: Contests
    • This article will give you a walkthrough for how your small business can use promotions to incentivize prospective customers into providing contact information. You’ll learn the background and types of contests, see real-world examples and learn best practices for creation and promotion.
  • Section 2: Landing Pages
    • This article will break down those pages within your website optimized for a single conversion goal. For those businesses needing to get site visitors to make a reservation or book an appointment, this article will be particularly relevant to you. I’ll also get into lead generation landing pages and discuss gated content. This article will prominently feature website conversion optimization strategies.
  • Section 3: Popups
    • In the past couple years, website popups have become more and more common – and that’s because they work. This article will discuss the five primary types of popups and give use-cases relevant to small businesses in any industry.

The Complete Guide to Small Business Marketing

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