There is no silver
bullet to marketing

Despite what you may have been told, it takes a combination of relevant and
effective tactics and tools to successfully market your business and grow
your customer base. Propel IQ does exactly that.

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Wishpond entrepreneur
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Designed with Every
Entrepreneur in Mind

We’ve designed Propel IQ specifically to give
Entrepreneurs a proven foundation for success
that captures, engages and converts

All in one, easy-to-use platform.

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Make potential
customers say wow!

98% of website visitors don’t convert on the first visit, but that doesn’t have to be your reality.

Increase your winning average with a high-converting website. Our award-winning website builder is loaded with powerful functionality to help convert visitors into buyers.

Wishpond Potencial Customers
Wishpond Tomorrow Customers
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Generate tomorrow’s
customers, today.

Capture future interest with forms, pop-ups,
and banners to generate potential buyers
that you can convert later.

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Turn prospects into

It takes 7 touchpoints before prospects make a purchase.

Leverage our automation tools to send timely email & SMS messages that keep you top-of-mind, convert prospects, and bring customers back for more.

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Wishpond Stay Connected
Wishpond Relationship
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Build relationships with
customers & contacts.

Safely store all your contacts and leads in a central
platform & get actionable insights into each contact
that can win more sales or deals, and help
personalize your customers’ experience.

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Grow organically with

Generate new business from your existing
customers with referral programs, or build
loyalty with customer rewards.

Wishpond Word of Mouth
Wishpond Be an Expert
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You don’t have to
be an expert.

We get it, you aren’t a web designer, ad specialist,
or copywriter. So for whatever you need, we have a
team that can provide professional marketing
services to help power your marketing plan.

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We’ll do the
heavy lifting

with Propel IQ, our onboarding process
includes creating a marketing plan
tailored to your specific business and
goals. You’ll be in the driver’s seat but
we’ll get you moving in the right direction.

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Wishpond Heavy Lifting

Propel your marketing
forward with Propel IQ

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What our customers
are saying

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If you´re looking for
results and a team.

that can streamline the process much
faster than you could do it on your own,
go with Wishpond because they´re just
going to make your life easy.

Melissa J. Rautenberg

Head of Marketing, Hungry Fan

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We´re seeing more people on
tours than ever before.

Chris Mulcairn

Commercial Affairs Director,
Hollandse Club

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The Wishpond team has been
really great to work with.

As a small business, our marketing dollars
are very limited and Wishpond offers a lead generating
service that not only tops the big agencies but
does it for a fraction of the cost.

Akiva Resnikoff

Founder & CEO, the Cookie Department