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The Complete Guide to Online Marketing for Fitness Centers

I’ve been surrounded by digital marketing my whole life.

I’m one of those millennials, as they like to call us. I grew up with Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit (and MySpace, Digg, and Xanga). I’ve been marketed to over the Internet for as long as I can remember, which probably had a big impact on my decision to study marketing in university with a large focus on digital.

I walked out of my commencement right into the doors of a startup in Vancouver. If there’s one thing you can be sure of with startups, it’s that they’re buried neck-deep in digital marketing. Since I joined, I’ve been heavily involved in crafting and reshaping our digital strategy, solving problems and setting goals to drive business growth.

Trust me – digital marketing works.

Online marketing has single-handedly changed the face of marketing and advertising as we know it – turning radio into podcasts, TV into YouTube, and newspapers into blogs. Beyond being cheap and easy to get into, it’s made businesses and customers more accessible to each other than ever before.

As a marketer, your ability to reach potential customers with digital marketing and turn them into members for your fitness center continues to grow – and that’s something you’d be crazy not to take advantage of.

The Complete Guide to Online Marketing for Fitness Centers is built to give you everything you need to use digital marketing to grow your business. It contains information on a variety of digital marketing topics from social media marketing to Google AdWords, as well as ideas and examples from fitness centers just likes yours who are growing their brands with digital marketing.

This guide features four sections, covering 12 total topics: